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About Jacqueline

The highest level of education my mother received was completing the eighth grade, so when I was able to attend college, earn a bachelor’s degree and eventually an MBA, it was incredibly meaningful to me and my family. Education was my road out of poverty, and as I raised my own children, I always tried to instill in them the abundance of opportunities that working hard towards your education can unlock.

Professionally, I have worked in financial services since 2004 and currently manage a multi-billion-dollar group of retirement plans for healthcare, educational, governmental and other not-for-profit employer groups. Prior to my current role, I owned, operated, and helped grow a start-up small business.


I earned my Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Minnesota and my Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.


In 2020, I was elected to serve on the Fallbrook Community Planning Group, where I am proud to advocate for our rural communities and ensure Fallbrook has a a clear, comprehensive and thoughtful approach to development.

Now, I am running for the Palomar Community College Board to make sure others can also achieve their goals through higher education like I was able to do. We will make sure our communities have access to high-quality community college offerings and represent families and students on the Palomar College Board— not special interests.


Bringing Fiscal Responsibility to Palomar College

You may not realize it, but regardless of whether you or your family members attend Palomar College, you are paying for the college to operate. As a public agency, Palomar has an obligation to responsibly manage taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, in recent years, the California Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team identified the Palomar Community College District to be on the brink of insolvency. I have worked in financial services since 2004 and will bring my experience to help improve the fiscal state of Palomar College. We will make the tough decisions needed to guarantee the long-term financial stability of the district and that taxpayer dollars are protected.


Ensuring Access to Higher Education for our Rural and Unincorporated Communities

I am an advocate for our rural and unincorporated communities. At Palomar College, I will ensure rural communities like Fallbrook, Bonsall, Hidden Meadows, and Valley Center—who all pay taxes to the Palomar Community College District, have access to services from Palomar. I am in favor of investing in the Fallbrook campus of Palomar and developing partnerships with K-12 schools to branch out and provide services outside of the San Marcos main campus. 


Equipping Students with Well-Paid, In-Demand Job Skills

I will prioritize efforts to connect students with real-world, in-demand job opportunities that allow students to earn enough money to be able to afford the excruciatingly high cost of living we face in our community. I will actively and energetically work to identify, launch, and expand partnership programs with local employers that create pipelines between Palomar and in-demand job opportunities. 


Meeting our Communities Public Safety Needs

Palomar College plays a key role in training new police officers, firefighters, and EMTs for our region. As a member of the Palomar College Board, I will seek to expand the Public Safety and Fire academies at Palomar so that Palomar is able to play a greater role in addressing the recruitment and retention crisis facing local public safety agencies in San Diego County.

We Support Jacqueline Kaiser for Palomar College Board!

Official Republican Candidate


Jim Desmond


Marie Waldron


Local Elected Officials support Jacqueline!

Brian Jones


Public safety leaders and the San Diego Police Officers Association endorse Jacqueline!


San Diego Chief of Police (ret.)
and Fallbrook Resident

William Landsdowne

Fountain Valley Fire Chief (ret.)
and Fallbrook Resident

Mark Haskell


Local employers like the Associated General Contractors also support Jacqueline!

Trustee Area 5

Trustee Area 5

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I am running for the Palomar Community College Board Trustee Area 5 seat, which covers

Fallbrook, Bonsall, eastern Oceanside, northern San Marcos, Hidden Meadows, Rainbow, and Valley Center.